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Town of Century CDBG Project No. 22CV-S07, Carver Community Center


The Town of Century is planning to undertake a renovation of the Carver Community Center, funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) provided by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The project is located at 7040 Jefferson Avenue in the Town of Century, Escambia County, Florida.


Under the preferred alternative, the proposed project would involve demolishing and reconstructing the Carver Community Center, formerly known as the George Washington Carver School. The existing building served to support after-school programs for children and various social and community outreach programs. The Town of Century has determined that the building is functionally obsolete and no longer demonstrates long-term physical viability as a school or community building. Further, significant rehabilitation would be necessary to bring the structure into compliance with various state and federal building and environmental codes. Studies commissioned to assess the current state of the building have led the town architect and the Town Council to conclude that the rehabilitation alternative is neither feasible nor cost-effective, and the demolition and reconstruction of the building is proposed.


The Carver Community Center was determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) by the Florida State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO). Therefore, the proposed action impacts properties listed in or eligible for the NRHP. The SHPO has issued an “Adverse Effect” finding for the project because the project will diminish the integrity of the characteristics that qualify the Carver Community Center for inclusion in the NRHP. In accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act, the views of the public are being sought regarding the effect of the proposed project on the historic building as per 36 CFR 800.2(d), 800.3(e) and 800.6(a)(4). Pursuant to 36 CFR 800.4(d)(2), the documentation specified in 36 CFR 800.11(e) is available for inspection in the Town of Century’s office. Additionally, this documentation can be viewed electronically by accessing the Town of Century’s website. This documentation serves as the basis for the “Adverse Effect” finding. The views of the public on this effect finding are being sought. Please reply with any comments to:


Town of Century

7995 N. Century Blvd.

Century, FL 32535

Phone: (850) 256-3208

Fax:     (850) 256-0318

Email: lhowington [at]


Please submit your reply no later than April 22, 2024


In accordance with the “Americans with Disabilities Act”, if you have a disability for which the Town of Century needs to provide accessibility to the document(s) such as interpreters or readers, please contact:


Leslie Howington, Town Clerk

(850) 256-3208

lhowington [at] (